While the applicability of the Immunome Discovery Engine is broad, Immunome’s focus is on the development of new therapies for oncology and infectious diseases.


Our primary focus areas are in the oncology and infectious disease spaces. We are leveraging the insights from the Immunome Discovery Engine to guide the discovery of future oncology pipeline assets and enable future strategic collaborations and additional value creation.


IMM-ONC-01 Anti IL-38 Antibody

Anti IL-38 Antibody Therapy has Potential to Be an Important Advancement in Cancer Care 
  • Immunome’s lead oncology program targets IL-38, a novel cancer target from the immune modulator cluster, identified by head & neck cancer patient antibody response
  • IL-38 dampens immune response to tumors in preclinical testing
  • Blocking IL-38 leads to tumor control in preclinical in vivo testing in two different models1
  • Gene expression profiling of patient tumors suggest normal IL-38 biology is co-opted by tumors of squamous origin, such as head & neck, gastroesophageal, and lung, to suppress immune infiltration2
  • IND filing anticipated mid-2023

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IMM20059 Anti-EPN1

Antibody targeting ectopically expressed protein
  • EPN1, a novel cancer target from the membrane dynamics cluster, identified by head & neck cancer patient antibody response
  • In preclinical testing EPN1 protein is ectopically expressed on the surface of melanoma, breast, lung, genitourinary, and liver cancer cells
  • EPN1 observed on the surface of tumor cell-derived exosomes in preclinical testing
  • Ongoing efforts demonstrate targeting EPN1 in combination with anti-PDL1 leads to efficacy in preclinical studies1

1 Dowling et al SITC



Three Antibody Cocktail for the Treatment of Covid-19
  • Discovery Engine demonstrates SARS-CoV-2 patients make memory B cell responses against broad array of viral targets1
  • IMM-BCP-01 cocktail targeting spike protein designed to retain efficacy against emerging variants
  • In vitro neutralization data translates into in vivo efficacy in infected hamster models2
  • Phase 1b safety- completed dosing of the first cohort of patients with no significant treatment-related adverse events.

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