While the applicability of the Immunome Discovery Engine is broad, Immunome’s focus is on the development of new therapies for oncology and infectious diseases.


Our primary focus areas are in the oncology and infectious disease spaces. We are leveraging the insights from the Immunome Discovery Engine to guide the discovery of future oncology pipeline assets and enable future strategic collaborations and additional value creation.



IMM-ONC-01 (IL-38)

Immunome’s lead oncology program targets IL-38, a lesser-known member of the IL-1 family of cytokines. IL-38 is believed to be a key inhibitory cytokine in the tumor microenvironment, impairing immune mediated anti-tumor response. Data suggests that high levels of IL-38 result in low levels of tumor-infiltrating immune effector cells (e.g. T cells), which are a hallmark of successful immune response. IL-38 appears to be highly expressed in multiple tumors of squamous origin and of high unmet need including head & neck, squamous cell lung and gastroesophageal cancers. By blocking the IL-38 function with an antibody, Immunome believes it may be able to restore the immune response against the tumor, resulting in anti-tumor activity. 

Functional Clusters

Our platform produces unique insights into the biology of cancer – uncovering a compelling picture as multiple non-canonical targets have accrued from our efforts. While there is often little information available on unique antigens, our data reveals a “functional clustering” of the targets to which cancer patients were mounting an immune response. In essence, these findings provide critical clues about the key methods by which each patient’s immune system fights back against their disease. These functional clusters may provide an important insight into the most important tumor-driven processes that should be attacked to overcome a disease threat.



We are leveraging our Immunome Discovery Engine in the fight against COVID-19.  By interrogating the immune response of individuals able to successfully fight the virus, we developed a three-antibody cocktail (IMM-BCP-01) that produces combinatorial effects to both neutralize and clear the virus​.  IMM-BCP-01 is designed to maintain effectiveness against emerging variants and continues to successfully protect against emerging variants in preclinical testing.  We are now testing IMM-BCP-01 in COVID-19 patients.

Identified Antibodies from SARS-CoV-2 patient